2022 Ramadan Challenge

Weekly Journal Entry

Select from the list of videos below. Watch the video from start to end. After you finish watching the video in 250 words or more answer the following questions:

      1. What is the video is discussing?
      2. What parts of the video do you agree or disagree with? (it’s okay to share your honest opinion on what you disagree with. It will remain confidential.) 
      3. Did you learn anything new from the video?

Each journal entry that is correctly completed with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be awarded $10 per journal entry.

maximum of 5 journal entries per person. 

Videos to choose from:

You’re Not in Love

I got time, bro

Don’t Panic. Have Trust.

The Human Devils During Ramadan

Do Not Sleep Until…

Procrastination Led You To Hell

Dealing with Anxiety

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Attitude of a Student

Turn in up to 5 journal entries before Friday, April 29th

Essay Challenge 

Choose one of the following:

        • 600-word essay
        • 5-minute video of yourself
        • 5-minute Audio recording of yourself

Answer the following question: What does Ramadan mean to you? What lesson is most important to you in Ramadan? What is your favorite thing to do during Ramadan?

A single winner will be chosen based on the best information shared, the presentation or writing skills, and the best speaking/grammar. 

Essay is due Tuesday, April 26th

Essay Grand-Prize is a $300 Off-roading Hoverboard (with Bluetooth and LED lights)*
 Gyroshoes Warrior 8.5 inch Off Road All Terrain Smart G2 Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker and Led Lights, Self Balancing Hoverboards for Kids & Adults UL2272 Certified

Turn in your Essay Challenge

 * at least 5 participants must enter for the hoverboard to be awarded