You're In!

As-salamu alaykum,

Congratulations! Your admission to the Hasanaat Center has been approved and processed.

Here’s what to expect in your first days and things you should know:
    1. Please come prepared with homework or assignments you have to work on. We have laptops at our center for you to use to complete your homework.
    2. You will have a meeting with a volunteer from the Center to get to know you and your goals.
    3. Be prepared to share your grades via StudentVue (or similar) with a staff or volunteer from the Center. Your grades will not be shared with other students.
    4. We always provide snacks and drinks to everyone in the center. All we ask is that you clean up after yourself and don’t waste.
    5. Game Room is only available to those who finished their homework/assignments.
    6. Once you leave the center for the day, you can not re-enter. If you want to go buy food, you must ask a staff or volunteer.
The Center is Open:

Monday to Thursday 4PM to 8PM.

We are closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for activities by invitation only. Those who perform well, will receive invite for weekend activities.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us back or text us at: ‪(520) 344-3978‬