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You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering your time with students.


Your donation dollars directly impact our refugee students. We reward our students for setting goals and meeting those goals.


Let your family, friends and neighbors know about Hasanaat's mission to develop our refugee youth.


Students get paid to do good.

Hasanaat through its donors and grants provide a safe place for refugee students to learn and get in the spirit of giving back.

Refugee students in high school / community college are financially rewarded for meeting academic goals, work towards self-improvement and doing good deeds to give back to the community.

Our program provides students with higher GPAs, graduation rates and creates purpose-driven young adults. It provides an opportunity after high school for students to attend college and receive a higher-education degree.


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About Hasanaat

Together we can
make a difference.

Hasanaat is the Arabic word for ‘Good Deeds”. With a primary focus on refugee youth from Africa and the Middle East, we keep our organization name and mission in mind with everything that we do. Click below to learn more about Hasanaat and its mission.

Shape a future

Volunteering can help you make friends, shape young minds, advance your career, and be a part of something bigger then yourself.

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By investing in the advancement of refugee education and character development, you are creating a future generation of community leaders.

Spread the word

By spreading the word of the work Hasanaat is doing you are opening the doors to new students, volunteers and contributors. Please spread the word about the work Hasanaat does.